So often newlyweds tell me that their wedding day was a complete blur.

There is just so much going on, so much excitement, that the day seems to end as quickly as it began.

That is where my job comes in.

I create a visual archive of your wedding day that, after the venue closes, the food is eaten, the flowers die and the guests go home, you will have to cherish and relive with the one you love the most as you two grow old together.

I know I may be a little biased, but the documentation of your wedding is paramount. It keeps the day alive forever.



My philosophy and ideas about weddings and marriage...


-I don't think your wedding should be a production put on to impress people. If your attention is more focused on every detail being perfect than about the unity of marriage, I might not be your guy.

-Your wedding is an opportunity to do absolutely whatever you want. Unfortunately, a lot of the "traditions" we buy into are actually pretty new ideas, and none of which are necessary. If you want to cut a cake, have a wedding party, and do a bouquet/garter toss, I'm all about it. Just understand that there are no rules. This is your chance to get creative and tell YOUR love story.

-I capture with a storytelling, editorial approach. I won't be in your face trying to control the day, but merely capturing the day as it happens. One of the greatest compliments I repeatedly hear at weddings is people thanking me for being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I try to be a fly on the wall and shoot the day from a guests perspective.

-Embrace the unexpected, as something will probably go wrong at your wedding. The weather flops, the maid of honor is running late, someone's bouquet or cufflinks go missing. I've had to learn to roll with this stuff and improvise, and I've gotten quite good at it over the years. I've captured vows in the pouring rain, caught up on formal photos when the wedding party was an hour behind schedule. I can't necessarily perform miracles, but I'll sure as heck try to.

-I try to promote an atmosphere where you can have fun and be yourself. That's where the magic exists and what makes each couple unique. I also have couples engage one another a lot more than the camera. You feel safe in the arms of the one you love, so that's where I put you. Don't be afraid to show your affection. But I mean don't gross me out either...

-I might dance a little bit at your reception. I don't mean to, it's just the music is loud and everyone else is dancing and I'm in the middle of it all photographing it and my shoulders and feet just start to move a little and I'm sorry.