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November 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

On Sunday I photographed a newborn for the first time. I've always shied away from it in the past, because for me it doesn't speak. I immediately imagine a sleeping baby in predictable poses in a studio with flat light and kitschy props. Though this approach is both accessible and undeniably cute, as an artist and storyteller I can't get on board.

I met Olivia when she was just seven days old. The first thing I noticed was something deeply striking about the wander in her eyes as she would scan the room, absorbing her new environment. I listened to her mother tell me how she cries when she holds her daughter because she is so overwhelmed with joy and love. I observed her father, a stoic and quiet man, totally starry-eyed and mushy-hearted in the presence of his little girl. Capturing all this and its impact on me is something I don't expect I will forget.

Welcome to the world, Livi. You're a week old and already influencing everyone that you encounter.


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