My name is Sam. I'm your typical creative soul. I'm deeply passionate about photography and people, so you could say it lends itself pretty well to my job. I'm a photo taking, piano playing, singing at the top of my lungs in the car, full of wanderlust type. I genuinely like my couples, and for some reason I keep landing the best ones. The interactions are more than just business for me. Being a part of such a huge day in people's lives is a special honor.

I started Dialogue Photography five years ago and I've learned a lot in that time. My non-invasive style is what facilitates space for incredible, real moments to be captured, and the few parts of the day that I have to guide will feel just as organic. Currently I am booking no more than 15 weddings a year so that I can give more of myself to each couple. I still edit every photo myself, and you will converse directly with me for anything and everything you may need throughout the process.

It's likely that if there is loud music at your wedding, I am going to dance a little while I'm shooting. I can't help it.