What my couples are saying.


Cass & paul

"From day one you were very easy to work with. It was awesome that beyond asking us some questions over email and showing up for the big day, you were willing to come out to our venues and hang out with us and get to know us a bit before the wedding. You were open to our thoughts and happy to hear us out when it came to explaining our vision for the day. We felt comfortable with you instantly. Your communication was always quick and mindful as we got closer to the day. You knew what to do when you showed up on the event day, and you walked right in to things without needing direction. You were flexible when we ran behind schedule. You somehow knew exactly how I wanted to be photographed with my bridesmaids and where to shoot us all. We were stunned and ecstatic with how the photos turned out and felt it was well worth what we paid (though initially we were worried about the cost - symptomatic of, like many couples, going over budget). Overall we loved you Sam, and had so much fun with you. We are so glad we found you for our day, couldn't have asked for more from a photographer - you not only nailed the photos, but you had fun at our wedding, and our guests loved you!"



Nicole + Mike

"We were so appreciative of all the personal touches and attention you gave to us as we were prepping for the wedding. It meant a lot that we Facetimed when we first got in touch so we could meet and get to know each other a bit, and then that we met in person leading up to the wedding where we got to talk about our priorities and the timeline, so I think you really understood what it was we were looking to get out of the day in terms of photos. We were also lucky that we hit it off with you and it felt like we had another friend celebrating with us at our wedding. 

We were also so impressed with the quality of the photos. The textures, colors and lighting made every photo feel alive. And the moments the captured really evoked the spirit of the day. There are absolutely stunning photos that look like they could be in a high end magazine and then there are super goofy photos that are much closer to how we really act with each other. My favorite photos are from our First Look where we were driving from the reception venue to the chapel and you noticed a patch of long wild grass in this abandoned lot and asked us if we wanted to shoot some photos there. It didn't look like much when we were there, but somehow the way you framed those photos, you made a random patch of unruly long grass look so beautiful and perfectly contrast with our wedding dress and suit."

Ashley + Adam

"We loved that you were truly a part of our wedding. There to photograph it and be professional yes, but mostly there as a friend to be a part of our day. Your ability to toggle between having a good time with us and a professional that was there to get a job done was uncanny. You are a true people person, through and through that brought out the best in us. As for the finished photos? Incredible. We couldn't possibly be any happier with them!"



kierse + andreas

"Andreas and I had a fantastic time working with you for our May reception, Sam. More than fantastic. You were a blast to have by our side and made the portrait time such a relaxing ease. You really captured the feel and look we were going for down to little details without even having to explain it to you. Your photos are pure art and will be something to cherish, for sure.

I was really pleased with how easy it was to communicate internationally with you throughout the whole process and would highly recommend your talents to "long-distance" clients for that reason especially."


Nicole + Corvin

"We loved your energy and being able to hang out with you planning for the wedding. We felt like we got along with you so great, which was really important to us since we knew you would be spending essentially our whole wedding day with us. We loved the way the photos turned out, and that you gave us a small sneak preview a few days after the wedding - that got us really excited to see the rest of the photos. We also loved that you gave us the option of having a viewing party to see our photos for the first time. The presentation of the photos you had prepared for us was really fun because we enjoyed listening to your perspective, why you took the shots that you took, and just being able to relive the day with you."



alyson + nate 

"We are beyond pleased with all of our interactions with Sam! He is the perfect blend of personal and professional, and we so enjoyed working with him. Our wedding pictures were of the highest quality...we still have friends and family raving about them almost a year later! Thanks for beautifully and perfectly capturing our day!"

Tasha + Nate

"I’ve never felt more comfortable getting my photo taken. Sam does an awesome job of making his subjects feel right at home in a situation that is generally extremely uncomfortable. 

Sam did an amazing job at truly capturing and showcasing all moments of our wedding. From the intimate bride and groom shots to the party at the reception, Sam provided us images to relive every part of our big day. 

The quality of the photos went above and beyond our expectations. We always get compliments on the photos we have hanging in our house, and couldn’t be more happy with each and every one of them."



Sonya + Shawn

"The pictures, awesome quality, we can really appreciate the natural lighting in your photography as opposed to artificial. You were extremely personable and made it much easier to open up and get more authentic pictures rather than a forced pose or something uncomfortable. You did an awesome job catching the fun that was had the whole day! You always remained laid back and kept everyone comfortable while doing pictures instead of being stuffy and uptight."

Della + Jared

"Jared and I only have good things to say about the photography service you provided for our wedding. We were especially pleased with the candid moments you were able to capture of many of our friends and family throughout the celebration. Your willingness to be flexible in absence of a detailed itinerary was a huge plus! The way you just went along with the flow helped contribute to the relaxed atmosphere we had hoped to share with our guests, and you were exceptionally patient with these two awkward posers, LOL!  We appreciated your subtle, unimposing style, and were delighted with the lovely picture memories you gave us of that momentous occasion!  Thank you, thank you!"



Kylie + Isaiah

"We love our pictures. Everyone we've showed them to so far has raved about them, said they captured us and our personalities perfectly. We loved your flexibility throughout the day, you were one aspect of the day that we didn't have to worry about. We chose you because we felt like you "got us" and felt like you weren't thrown off by the initial two event plan and the non-traditional wedding day. We were concerned about the bowling alley pictures, but you made it look bad ass! We're so happy we chose to invest in you for our wedding photography."